The following is a diagrammatic representation of the School’s Calendar indicating the typical milestones in the journey of a new student until completion of their degree course. The intake of new students usually occurs once in September time when the University’s academic calendar commences.


 Kusol calendar


1/1 - First year, First semester
1/2 - First year, Second semester
2/1 - Second year, First semester
2/2 - Second year, Second semester
3/1 - Third year, First Semester
3/2 - Third year, Second Semester
4/1 - Fourth year, First Semester
4/2 - Fourth year, Second Semester
B - Break
JA - Judicial Attachment
CE - Clinical Externship
G - Graduation [December]
KSL - Kenya School of Law [All intakes of fresh
students done in January]





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