The Department of Public Law offers the study of legal institution and theoretical and practice based perspectives of public law. To remain relevant, the Department is constantly reviewing the external environment as it impacts on public law curriculum. Extraordinary regime changes occurring throughout the world over the last year, have led to a renewed interest in the old subject of comparative law and constitutionalism.


This in turn has led to a discernible upsurge in the Department’s research and teaching in areas of law that involve comparative and international subject matter. The Public Law programme at Kenyatta University, Nairobi, is committed to the multiple areas of substantive interest that constitute the field today, as well as the methodological diversity that characterizes the areas specialization.


The programme is conceived in global terms, permitting students to have some familiarity with judicial processes and constitutional experiences beyond Kenya’s frontiers, but under the international umbrella they are free to pursue their particular interests in Kenyan and East African comparative judicial behaviour, legal philosophy or any other area of concern that is part of the traditional public law curriculum


Public Law Department academic staffs, also supervise Masters and PhD students, in addition to furthering their research areas of interest and expertise.


Being experts in an institution of international reputation, members of the department are actively engaged in a wide ranging array of programs within the university and outside campus. These include programs involving the public, governmental institutions and agencies, companies and others. Among the services offered by staff, include consultancy and legal opinion, law curricula development, public law seminars, legal advice, and others.


Currently there are almost 15 staff within the department. The Head of Department is the person in charge of administering of the Department who is assisted by a Personal Assistant.The office for administration of the Department is situated at the Kenyatta University School of Law building, on the ground floor. The office of the Head of Public Law Department is located within the Department office.


The offices of the lecturers of the Department are at the same level. All lectures can be contacted directly through their office telephones and e-mail or via fax or through the School of Law Administration.


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