Private Law covers the law that relates to relationships between individuals. Subjects under the Department include Tort, Legal Systems, Intellectual Property Law, Family Law and Law of Succession. Commercial law is also currently covered by the Department.


The research interests of members of the department vary widely but cover almost the entire field of Private Law (Including Commercial Law). There is special emphasis on research in the following areas:

• Customary Law and the new Constitution of Kenya
• Harmonization of Private Law in the East African Community
• Comparative Law and legal systems.
• Alternative Dispute Resolution
• Labour law and Social Security Law
• Consumer Protection


Staff members of the department are involved in various national, regional and international Contemporary and law reform initiatives including involvement with the East African Community, Trust Justice and Reconciliation Commission, Law Reform Commission and the Government Agencies.

The Department is responsible for initiatives such as the Law Clinic and the Judicial Attachment Programmes.


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