the lecturer

Professor Ernest Ojukwu, giving a lecture to Lecturers of the Kenyatta University School of Law (KUSOL).

"Effective learning should impart a capacity in the minds of the students to seek out more information. This calls for outcome based learning as opposed to content based learning". Prof. Ernest Ojukwu.

Professor Ernest Ojukwu, a man who wears many hats in the legal academia, but amongst them, an expert in legal education, and who has assisted many legal institutions towards reforming legal education towards creating effective, capable and potent lawyers, has for the past two days (26th−27th May 2014) engaged with the lecturers of Kenyatta University School of law in the Clinical Legal Education Teacher Training Workshop.

The workshop focused on a variety of issues including, the art of teaching law, lawyering skills, teaching methods, assessment methods, how to prepare a lesson plan among others. Importantly, the Professor also shared his experience on a number of challenges that inevitably surround legal educators and institutions across Africa. He challenged the Lecturers present, to surmount the various challenges and emphasized that they should never be a hindrance to the achievement of effective learning by law students.

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