talkpge2BCareer talk by Mr. James Kamau and Ms Amrit Soar of Iseme Kamau and Maema Advocates (IKM)    talkpgeACareer talk by Mr. James Kamau and Ms Amrit Soar of Iseme Kamau and Maema Advocates (IKM)

KUSOL hosted Mr. James Kamau, the managing partner of the renowned IKM and Ms Amrit Soar who is a partner at the law firm, for a career and mentorship talk at the school grounds on the Wednesday of 26th of March 2015. The talk, attended by over 100 students, was organized by the law students through KUSOL Mentorship Club and was themed ‘Key success factors for a successful legal practitioner.’

IKM is a leading corporate commercial law firm in Kenya which has been in existence for the last twenty five years.

Mr. James Kamau, in his address, laid emphasis on the distinguishing traits and values of a successful legal professional. He encouraged the students to work hard, remain focused and have strategy to enable them succeed in the increasingly competitive legal career. Ms Amrit Soar emphasized on the importance of goal setting and monitoring and evaluation of goals in order to succeed in the legal career. The speakers moreover challenged the students to embrace professionalism, integrity and ethics in the conduct of their career life.

KUSOL is committed to promoting professionalism, nurturing the best traits its students and offering its students a platform to engage, network and consult with established professionals. This entails supporting innovative student initiatives and furthering their professional needs within the school. The guests equipped the students with invaluable knowledge and information on legal practice in Kenya and beyond hence preparing students on what to expect and how to conduct themselves in order to be reputable lawyers.

KUSOL Mentorship Club Chairman

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