prof saha

Tittle/Qualifications:M.A (Econ), LL.M (London), LL.M (Cal), Ph.D (Cal), Barrister-at-Law (Lincoln’s Inn, London)
Department: Public Law, School of Law
Contact Address: Kenyatta University, Parklands Campus, P.O Box 43844 – 00100, Nairobi – Kenya
Position:Professor of Law

Tel: +254(0) 716851869

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Constitutional Law, Law of Contract, Environmental Law

Experience: 30 years’ in Full-time University Teaching in Law, Research and Administration including serving as the Founding Director of the Law School, University of Asmara.


  • Legal Methods, Legal Systems & Research(2nd Edition)(2015)
  • Democracy in Danger Kaniskha, New Delhi (2010)
  • Administrative Law (Text Book) Best Seller (2001) 234pp.
  • Law of Tort & Consumer Justice (Text Book)(2001)
  • Constitution of Lesotho–A Comparative Research Study (2010) With a Foreword by Chief Justice M.L.Lehohla (OMMOM) 333 pp. R.Cambray & Co (P) Ltd .Publishers since1890, Kolkata
  • Legal Methods, Legal Systems and Research (Text Book) (2010) 243 pp. Universal Law Publishers, New Delhi Best Seller Second Edition (2015)
  • A Brief Introduction to International Criminal Law The Edwin Mellen Press, New York, US (mss)
  • Law of Contract -Theories & Principles (New) Universal, Delhi (2015)
  • Constitution of Kenya-Architecture, Structure and Texture Wolter Kluwer(in process)

Book Chapters

  • Independence of the Judiciary in India and England,2015
  •  The Issue of Childhood Deprivation and Survival World Wide:“Child Victims of Crime” Ed. M.C.Gupta,Gyan Publishing , 2001
  •  Hide and Seek in Global Alliance:“Political Economy of WTO Regime”Ed. Dolly Arora et al,Rainbow Publishers 2002
  •  Elections, Party System and Defections:“National Resurgence Through Electoral Reforms”Ed. Subhash Kashyap,Shipra Publications,2002
  • Indigenous Peoples’ Human Rights (Ch 2) CamrayEd. Dr. S. Rajkhowa & Manik Chakraborty 2009
  • Water –Values and Rights Ed. by Clemens & el PALAST 2009
  • Sexual Orientation, Same Sex Marriage and Adoption----Morality,Legality and Reality in "Positive Rights under International Law"
  • Ed. By Prof.S. Rajkhowa & Dr. Stuti Deka, Gauhati University, 2010
  •  Impact of Climate Change on agricultural production in Lesotho: a Case Study African Crop Science Conference Proceedings, Vol. 10. Printed in Uganda. ISSN 1023-070X/ 2011
  •  Roots and Shoots of Female Feticide in Pockets of India—Lending Voice to the Voiceless ed. by Subrata Sankar Bagchi (ISBN 9788126910694), 2012 Atlantic Publishers, UK
  • Independence of the Judiciary in India and England-Transparency of Appointment and Accountability of Judges ed. Prof. S. Rajkhowa (Press)
  • International Encyclopaedia of Law Kluwer International, Netherlands (in Process)
  • Tushar Kanti Saha,Public Interest Litigation in Indian Jurisprudence,Eugene/ USA April, 2015
  • Tushar Kanti Saha,Building Bridges through Criminalisation of Massive Crimes,Sydney/ Australia,August, 2015
  • Tushar Kanti Saha,Human Rights of IDP Children in PEV in Kenya,Knoxville/USA September

Affiliation to Professional Bodies

  • Supreme Court Bar Association, New Delhi
  • CASID, Canada
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