Being my first moot, the 9th edition of the AKMCC was a fertile ground for learning. Though online, the experience is second to none. For starters, the moot question was in tandem with the Covid-19 adversities being experienced in the country and hence offered more insight on not only how guarantee people their rights but also the setbacks the government experiences when balancing lives and livelihood.

The moot was the genesis of what I hope to be a great mooting career for me, it gave me confidence and allowed me to fully apply myself in terms of research, oral skills, drafting skills and interaction with high profile personnel in the legal field.

I hope and pray AKMCC endures long to continue positively impacting mooters and offer a platform to legally disseminate pertinent matters facing the country.

  • Alvin Kubasu,

Second Runners Up, 9th Edition.  

The experience is one I will carry in a lifetime. Kicking off was the excitement of competing
against all law schools across the country. The research question itself presented a challenging yet thought provoking real-life situation. I got more familiar with researching different levels of legislation which has helped me foster legal reasoning and analytical skills. The wonderful organization made it easier to engage and socialize with students and high-profile personnel from academia, the legal field and non-state actors.
This is a boost to my career and self-confidence. I would recommend everyone to try this challenge, especially those who are eager to develop and enhance their skills in public speaking and legal writing in a challenging but fun experience.
It got me a chance to intern with Kenya Law too!

- Alex Assenga G. – winner, research category, AKMCC 8 th edition
Kenyatta University School of Law, 2020

Collins Bush – Managing Partner – Ngeri Omiti & Bush Advocates – Sponsor for the
Competition & Judge in the Competition – “The All Kenya Moot Court Competition is a melting pot of some of the best legal minds our local law schools produce. The competition pulls its participants out of the comfort zone of an ordinary law student and plunges them into scholarly research of substantive and contemporary legal issues as well as critical analysis of evidence vis-à-vis the law.  I highly recommend the competition to undergraduate law students in Kenya and the region.” 

…I have no doubt in my mind on the value of moot courts to every law student…

AGProf. Githu Muigai
Attorney General Republic of Kenya (Speech during the inauguration of the Competition)

I felt convinced to participate not just for the purposes of competing but also as a means of contributing to both the law and institutional reform agenda

maanzoDennis Maanzo
, Kenyatta University (Winning Team, 2014)

For the Kabarak University teams at the AKMCC, their journey to participate started through thorough vetting for them to be picked as the team to represent the school… It was such an honour to present before panels of distinguished personalities in the Kenyan legal profession

mumbiWilkister Mumbi
Kabarak University (1st Runners Up, 2014)

Being a first timer in the field of mooting, emerging the winner of the 2014 AKMCC was a stepping stone for me to build into my interest in the field of litigation. I also appreciate to have secured internship placement at Transparency International, Kenya.

turereSemeita Turere
Kenyatta University (Winning Team, 2014)

The remarkable performance is attributable to a relentless research, prayer, my interest and fascination with advocacy. I never gave or took excuse

owourOwuor Thatcher
Kabarak University (1st Runners Up, 2014)

The research at first was challenging and the trick to conquer such was to put myself in the drafter’s mind with the intention of elucidating what the question demanded… The end product has attracted a positive response and young lawyers to-be are preparing and looking forward to the next moot.

njorogeDennis Wanyenji Njoroge
Moi University, (Best Research Paper, 2014)

For any participant to gain more in any moot competition there's need for thorough preparation to ensure that one understands the law and facts and apply the combination of both. As a participant there's need to to listen keenly at every argument raised,weave every question into an argument and ensure one sharpens his/her skills in oration. These are the most valuable lessons I acquired from the competition and they are the skills that helped me emerge as one of the top in such a stiff competition

saraSara Ngachi
Moi University. (Best Female Oralist)

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